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zamak die casting mold manufacturers

27 Jul 2017 - zamak die casting,die casting mold,mold manufacturers

zamak die casting mold manufacturers

Zamak 2 has the same composition as zamak 3 with the addition of 3% copper in order to increase strength by 20%, which also increases the price. Zamak 2 has the greatest strength out of all the zamak alloys. Over time it retains its strength and hardness better than the other alloys; however, it becomes more brittle, shrinks, and less elastic.

Zamak 2 is also known as Kirksite when gravity cast for use as a die. It was originally designed for low volume sheet metal dies. It later gained popularity for making short run injection moulding dies. It is also less commonly used for non-sparking tools and mandrels for metal spinning.


zamak mold manufacturers

Alpine Mold is a zamak die casting manufacturer, having specialized in mold manufacturers for more than 25 years with good quality and pretty competitive price. Please contact us by [email protected]

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