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oem die casting mold manufacturers finishing

27 Jul 2017 - oem die casting,die casting mold,mold manufacturers

oem die casting mold manufacturers finishing

With decorative parts, casting in zinc is a significant advantage over casting in aluminum. Why? Long story short: Zinc castings come out with a smoother surface than aluminum castings, so there’s less chance for pitting in the surface and fewer man hours spent buffing parts to make them smooth in preparation for finishing.

Zinc melts at a lower temperature than aluminum (Zinc: ~800°F vs. Aluminum: ~1200°F), which means that aluminum is exposed to more extreme temperatures than zinc. When liquid metal is pumped into a casting, the casting (AKA tool or die) has to be cold in order for the metal to cool down and take shape. When liquid aluminum goes into the casting at 1200°, it has to be cooled off very quickly. This is hard on the tool and on the surface of the actual part. The 400° difference between zinc and aluminum makes all the difference in the surface texture of the end part. An aluminum part can still be finished nicely, but often times it takes significantly more post production preparation.

oem die casting mold manufacturers finishing

Another contributing factor is the way these metals are pushed into the die. Zinc uses hot chamber casting, which is when the liquid zinc can be pressured directly from the kettle through a gooseneck and into the die. Casting with Aluminum requires cold chamber casting, which is when the liquid aluminum has to be poured into the gooseneck and then pressured into the die. The pouring process involved in cold chamber casting allows for much more gas to be entrapped in the aluminum than during hot chamber. These additional gases contribute to the comparably rough surface of aluminum castings.

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