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About die casting tooling

27 Oct 2017 - high precision di casting,die casting tooling,casting tooling

About die casting tooling

 casting toolingcasting tooling


The dies into which the molten metal is injected are the custom tooling used in this process. The dies are typically composed of two halves - the cover die, which is mounted onto a stationary platen, and the ejector die, which is mounted onto a movable platen. This design allows the die to open and close along its parting line.Once closed, the two die halves form an internal part cavity which is filled with the molten metal to form the casting. This cavity is formed by two inserts, the cavity insert and the core insert, which are inserted into the cover die and ejector die, respectively. The cover die allows the molten metal to flow from the injection system, through an opening, and into the part cavity. The ejector die includes a support plate and the ejector box, which is mounted onto the platen and inside contains the ejection system. When the clamping unit separates the die halves, the clamping bar pushes the ejector plate forward inside the ejector box which pushes the ejector pins into the molded part, ejecting it from the core insert. Multiple-cavity dies are sometimes used, in which the two die halves form several identical part cavities.

About Alpine mold

high precision casting tooling

Alpine mold specializes in high quality and high precision die casting tooling with more than 100 employees.At the beginning, we produced jhigh precision die casting toolings and the tooling parts for domestic companies, or some international trade companies. Now we are concentrated in international market. After more than 20 years’ development in this industry,we know the international mold standards very well, such as: HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM. Until now, we have produced more than 5000 sets of toolings and have been molding millions of tooling parts for Sony, Toshiba, Volvo,Gree, Midea! Our products reach to the range of electronic products, automotive products, home appliances and so on in zinc,zamak 3,zamak 5,Aluminum etc materials 

Equipped with the most advanced software such as ProE, UG, CATIA, Solid works and Moldflow for designing, analyzing and manufacturing, Alpine Mold has imported a lot of sets high precision tooling machines from German and Japan, including High Speed CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting Machine, and CMM Inspection Machines and so on to guarantee the tooling with high standard product quality. 

Alpine Mold persists in the tooling with higher quality, lower cost, punctual delivery as the primary business philosophy. Based on professional, people-oriented, and customer-centered management, Alpine Mold takes "customer - oriented, Quality first" as company`s aim, committed to provide clients with high quality products and overvalued services by right of advanced technologies, scientific management, and continues improvement.

high precision die tooling


high precision die casting tooling


die toolingdie tooling


high precision casting tooling


high precision die toolinghigh precision die tooling


high precision casting tooling


high precision casting tooling


high precision die casting tooling






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