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custom die casting mold design company rules

27 Jul 2017 - custom die casting,die casting mold design,mold design company

custom die casting mold design company rules

Maximum wall thickness

Decrease the maximum wall thickness of a part to shorten the cycle time (injection time and cooling time specifically) and reduce the part volume
Uniform wall thickness will ensure uniform cooling and reduce defects

Round corners to reduce stress concentrations and fracture
Inner radius should be at least the thickness of the walls

Apply a draft angle to all walls parallel to the parting direction to facilitate removing the part from the die.
Aluminum: 1° for walls, 2° for inside cores
Magnesium: 0.75° for walls, 1.5° for inside cores
Zinc: 0.5° for walls, 1° for inside cores

Minimize the number of external undercuts
External undercuts require side-cores which add to the tooling cost
Some simple external undercuts can be cast by relocating the parting line
Redesigning a feature can remove an external undercut

custom die casting mold design company rules

Remove all internal undercuts that require lifters - Jamming of these devices often occurs in custom die casting

Designing an opening in the side of a part can allow a side-core to form an internal undercut

Redesigning a part can remove an internal undercut

Minimize number of side-action directions

Additional side-action directions will limit the number of possible cavities in the die

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