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Why Pure Aluminum Not Used for Aluminum Molding?

27 Nov 2017 - Aluminum Molding,aluminum casting

Why Pure Aluminum Not Used for Aluminum Molding?

2017-Oct.-11 by Yino


Aluminum in the market supply collectively refers to as electrolytic aluminum, which is the raw material of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy/aluminum molding.


Aluminum is a low strength, good plasticity of the metal. In order to improve the strength or comprehensive performance, dubbed alloy. Aluminum by adding an alloying element, will be able to make its organizational structure and performance changes, suitable for a variety of processing or casting parts. Often joined the alloy elements are copper, magnesium, zinc, silicon, manganese and so on.

 aluminum molding

Pure aluminum is very soft, when in aluminum molding, it is easy to be out of shape.

Besides, pure aluminum has poor chemical stability, very prone to chemical reaction oxidation, acidification, corrosion and so on.


So, aluminum casting is better choice for aluminum molding parts.

Professional Aluminum die casting mold and molding manufacturer can help you more.

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