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OEM die casting tools factory steel DIN.2344

26 Jul 2017 - OEM die casting,die casting tools,tools factory

OEM die casting tools factory steel DIN.2344

There are six groups of OEM die casting tools steels: water-hardening, cold-work, shock-resistant, high-speed, hot-work, and special purpose. The choice of group to select depends on cost, working temperature, required surface hardness, strength, shock resistance, and toughness requirements. The more severe the service condition (higher temperature, abrasiveness, corrosiveness, loading), the higher the alloy content and consequent amount of carbides required for the tool steel.

Tools factory steels are used for cutting, pressing, extruding, and coining of metals and other materials. Their use, such as the production of OEM die casting tool, is essential, due to their resistance to abrasion, which is an important criterion for a tool that will be used to produce hundreds of thousands of moldings of a product or part.

DIN 1.2344 tools factory steel (also known as AISI H13 steel or just H13) is a tool steel grade standardised for hot working. The main feature of this grade is the combination of alloyed elements of chromiummolybdenum and vanadium, Cr-Mo-V, which provides a high wear resistance to thermal shock. It is well known as for its great strength, and heat resistance. It is heavily used for die casting in the cold heading field. The presence of high vanadium in DIN 1.2344 can handle the abrasion at both low and high temperatures. It always provides a uniform and high level of machinability. This tools factory steel is mostly used for aluminummagnesium and zinc die casting tools.

AISI, stands for American Iron and Steel Institute. Also it was standardised as SKD 61 by Japanese Industrial Standards.

The surface can be nitrided to improve wear resistance.

OEM die casting tools factory steel DIN.2344

die casting tool steel


DIN 1.2344 is widely used in various places in both cold and hot working. In hot work processing DIN 1.2344 shear knives and dummy block extrusion can be used. In cold work process this steel is used for punchingheading and inserting of die blocks. DIN 1.2344 is a high hot-wear resistance and great strength, warm conductivity air hardening and invulnerability to hot cracking. It has a great resistance to abrasion at each low and high temperature due to the presence of high vanadium. The high level of toughness and ductility made it a useful material for die casting in the cold heading field.

OEM die casting tools factory steel DIN.2344 Chemical Composition


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